Teaching Assistant, UC San Diego

  • SOCI 40. Sociology of Health Care Issues (2020 Spring, 2021 Spring)
  • SOCI 70. General Sociology for Pre-Med Students (2019 Winter, 2020 Winter, 2021 Winter)
  • SOCI 165. Predicting the Future (Spring 2022)
  • SOCI 131. Sociology of the AIDS Epidemic (2018 Fall)
  • SOCI 140. Sociology of Law (2019 Fall, 2020 Fall)
  • USP 3. City and Social Theory (2018 Winter)

Guest Lecturer

  • Digital Sociology (University of Milan, 2021)
  • Economic Sociology (Boston University, 2020)
  • Technology and Society (Arizona State University, 2020)

Feedback from students

  • Chuncheng was very supportive and always encouraging students to voice their opinions during our discussion section. He definitely understood the struggles students face in this asynchronous format and made sure we had some structure and normalcy.
  • I really liked his feedback on my papers. He was very nice, and his feedback was very personalized and intellectually stimulating.
  • Chuncheng = KING. Love him. He is a very cool TA. He always does what he can to help us understand the material and is very engaging with us so that we know what is going on in class. Love him!
  • I think one of his greatest strengthens was being able to transition to online classes and facilitate the transitions of students as well. He was very considerate, and accommodating. Another strength was that the discussion he brought up were very relevant and really helped students better understand and learn new material and concepts while also applying them to our lives/society.
  • It was good to see examples and real-world applications to the concepts learned in class. He was very good at showing us how the course material was relevant to both the real world and the medical field, taking his audience very seriously.


I enjoy working with students to conduct research projects that they care about. I also take mentoring underrepresented students as my personal and professional responsibility. Feel free to contact me if you want to work on something together, or just want to get some suggestions on your project!

Summer Training Academy for Research Success (STARS) Program, UC San Diego

  • STARS program aims to help underrepresented college student to conduct research projects and achieve academic success.
  • I participated in STARS program for two years and mentored 10 students.
  • For more information, please click here.

Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship (URA), UC San Diego

  • URA program aims to help undergraduate students to acquire research skills by assisting research projects of sociology graduate students and faculty.
  • I participated in URA program for two years and mentored four students.
  • For more information, please click here.
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