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“This is (Not) Gay Enough”: Gay Men’s Perception of the HIV-related Public Health Intervention on Men who have Sex with Men in China.

Constructing the Knowable Object: HIV/AIDS Research on Men who have Sex with Men in China, 1997-2017

Making Up Abstinence Self: Self-Confession and Knowledge Construction among an Online Anti-Masturbation Community.


Light and Shadow: Gay Bar as a Space of Consumption. West Journal, (2), 70-74. (in Chinese: “明”与“暗”:作为消费空间的同性恋酒吧)

Stereotype and Masculinity: A Gender Perspective to Review the Male Nurse. Sexuality Research in China, 2(1), 362-374. (in Chinese: 刻板印象与男性气质——性别视角下的男护士)