Sexuality and Power

How do people form identity, mobilize community, and construct knowledge based on their sexualities?

I am interested in power issue for a long time. For me, power does not only means a repressive force, but also a generative one. I am especially interested how do these two forms of power conflict and collaborate, and shape individual and community with their dynamics. I am currently working on a project regarding the public health knowledge of the subject "Men who have Sex with Men (MSM)". Before this project, I have published papers regarding gay bar's symbolic role, male nurse's struggle with gender stereotype, and an anti-sex online community's mobilization.

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HIV/AIDS in the Social Context

What are the social determinants of the HIV/AIDS among gay, bisexual, and other MSM in China?

My sociology background leads me to study the social contextual factors that might influence sexual minority's HIV related risks. I am currently working on two manuscripts regarding the HIV anticipated stigma and HIV-related outcomes. My latest published study clarified the relationship between migration and HIV risks by comparing differences of HIV-related risky sexual behaviors and healthcare utilization across competing conceptualizations of migratory statues, and highlighted the structural barriers that migrant with rural origins faced in China. I have also worked in projects regarding the LGBT community engagement, use of alternative medicine in HIV and disclosure of LGBT in China.

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HIV/AIDS and New Technology

What are the relationships between blooming new technologies uses and HIV/AIDS related behaviors among gay, bisexual, and other sexual minority men in China?

I participated in studies to reveal the associations between multiple forms of social media engagement and HIV testing among gay, bisexual, and other sexual minority men in China. I also participated in studies that examining potential benefits and risks of the emerging "HIV self-testing" method. My previous institution, University of North Carolina Project-China, is also known for the innovate method development to involve community into the public health intervention design and implementation.

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