I am a Ph.D. student in sociology and science studies at University of California, San Diego. My research focuses on Science and Technology Studies, political sociology, and medical sociology, with specific interests in social classification and quantification of people. I am a mixed methods researcher, with a rich experience in both qualitative and quantitative methods. Currently I am working on several projects examining different classification situations, from credit score systems to global health classification "men who have sex with men (MSM)."

Before my study at UC San Diego, I worked as a research assistant at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Project-China for two years, conducting global health research and interventions toward Chinese gay, bisexual, and other MSM on HIV/AIDS issues. I also worked with Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center and Institute of Sexuality and Gender Studies of Renmin University of China in the past. With my co-authors, I have published 29 peer-reviewed papers in journals such as Journal of the International AIDS Society, PLOS Medicine, Journal of Medical Internet Research, AIDS & Behaviors, Culture, Health, and Sexuality, and Global Public Health with more than 100 citations.  You can find details of my publications in the research page or my Google Scholar page.

As a person who was born in the North China but lived in Guangzhou for six years, I developed a deep love for Cantonese food but only a limited skill of Cantonese.

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